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Essential Camp Goods Camping Checklist for Beginner

Outdoor is an amazing and exciting matter for most enthusiasts, especially for family members or beginners. If check essential camp goods and camping checklist, one can get a lot of answers, with tens of, almost up to a hundred items. This is not a good, but horrible for most of them if the campers have their first camping- lots to bring and the journey will be exhausted. Below is a brief list of goods to bring.


1. Camping Tent (with mattress)or Hammock Shelter( for single person)- Rain and Windproof

2. Sleeping bag- based on season and temperature (thicker if for mountain weather)

3. Trekking Pole- essential, usually in pair; it can help walker reduce stress while downward

4. Light and flashlight- lighter and lantern; good to select those with solar power function

5. Water filter container - essential to purify water in outdoor, in case of incidents.

6. Knife or Hammer- to cut way out or self-defence

7. Stove and cookware- have something hot can help keep body warm; bring fuel or find wood around

8. GPS and Locator with Map- essential for outdoor direction

9. Food- food that can provide fast energy.

10. Others include: shoes, jacket, backpacking bags, phone, entertainment gadgets, etc.


Above are some of the most essential camp goods for outdoor camping. It’s also suggested to consult with those experienced for more details and other gadgets to take with for specific camping regions. 

Post time: 07-14-2017